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work no.titleprice (€)status
1frustrated samurai
2cowardly samurai flies away450available
3samurai in love flies away450available
4lucky samurai flies away450available
5audio ninja
6delivery ninja
7remote ninja
8skating samurai in front of osaka castle
9beautiful nature
10business ninja
11angry farmer
12imonk I
13delivery ninja II2200available
14samurai discovering the world in his cat air balloon
15imonk II
16woman with a megaphone …
17manekineko (ac/dc)processed
18ghost looking for a tennis materenewed
19the band 1/5: bass guitar
20the band 2/5: piano
21the band 3/5: vocals
22the band 4/5: drums
23the band 5/5: guitar
25kunoichi jenny on a mission
26exploring samurai
27robot koi
28victorian daruma
29segway maiko
30business ninja on his way home
31manekineko (ac/dc)
32flight of the cranes
33bmx ninja
34football ninja
35inglourious ninjaprocessed
36camping ninja
37farmer driving home after a long day
38at the shogunʼs house2800available
39rich ninja
40waiting samurai
41bartender ninja
42robot koi II1000available
43jogging ninja
44rock ’n’ roll ninja
45flower massacre2200available
46wolf hunting1500available
49the rider1800renewed
50noise in the woods
51robot koi river I3200available
52robot koi river II3200available
53flight of the cranes II
54burn the beauty2800available
55ruhrpott ninjas5200available
56gourmet ninja
57balloon ninja
58observing farmer
59dancing queen2500available
60ghost looking for a tennis mate1000available
61waiting samurai II
62icarus I
63the great airship adventure2500available
64icarus II1800available
65vacation ninja950available
66protesting ninja950available
67ice cream ninja
68pilot ninja1000available
69treasure hunt
70fishing maiko
71rockin ninja1500available
72twitter ninja
73observant farmerprocessed
74ninja on vacation
75reading ninja
76selfie ninja400available
77hitchhiking ninja1500available
78graffiti macaque I
79graffiti macaque II
80make america great again2500available
81beer bottle ninja
82departure of the cranes
83farmer driving the way of rock ʼnʼ roll
84day face mask
85night face mask
86angry farmer face mask
87robot koi face mask
89business ninja going to work
90Tsuki Balloon
91Cat Ninja
92Flying Crane180available
93Alpine Ninja1500available
94Band Rehearsal
95Dicing Farmer
96Laptop Ninja
97Resting Ninja
98ninja taking notes
99camera ninja400available
100just jamming2500available
101business ninja 20202100available
102onigiri ninja
103meditation ninja
104birthday ninja1500available
105angry farmer II
106the gathering
107at the pond
108teddy bear ninja1500available
109the rider2000available
110senseless vandalism
111swing ninja
112drone ninja
113surfing in the sunlight
114surfing in the moonlight
115water gun ninja
116let’s go fly a kite
120novel ninja800available
121ninja, over!
122ignoring manekineko800available
123fast food ninja1650available
125big label series: ninja2200available
126big label series: farmer2200available
127big label series: samurai2200available
128free ukraine3500available
129goalkeeping ninja
130cool maiko
131emergency ninja2500available

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